Who owns the rights to any photographs taken?

This is basically answered via a standard Model Release form.

Does that mean I can't use any of the photos myself?

You will still, of course, be free to use the (barely) watermarked versions of the photos as is absolutely anywhere you want. AND, if you want any printed, just ask! You will only be charged for the cost of printing the photo itself, shipping, and nothing more. We make no profit from getting the prints to your door!

Barely watermarked?

When we say "barely watermarked" we are simply referring to the little logo down in the bottom corner of each photo you see on this website.

If you would like to use non-watermarked images we can certainly accommodate, but should be discussed (and is great to get out of the way before any photographs are taken).

How big can prints of the photos be?

That really depends on the photo. Typically any size from 4x6" to 24x36" is a possibility. Some photos allow for larger sizes, but some are restricted to be smaller (to avoid a drop in print quality).

Where are we?

Located in London, Ontario. However, for the sake of a shoot, anywhere from Windsor to the GTA and sometimes further is totally fine.

Other Questions

Don't forget to send us a message if you have any other questions, want to book a session, or just want to say hi! It is very likely that some necessary questions are missing from this page for now! We will be adding more as they become apparent.

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